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Simplivity and VMware

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Simplivity and VMware

Hello guys,

I have a question for you, in my enterprise, a new datacenter project has started and i am verry interested in benefits of
the hyperconverged system (just for my virutal architecture).

We use VMware vSphere as a hypervisor and i was wondering if we should use vmware vsan with simplivity technology or are
simplivity systems is capable of ensuring the same level of availability as vSAN?
Oneview is capable able to replace vsan?
This question is mainly economic...

Thx !!


Re: Simplivity and VMware

Simplivity and VSan would not be capable of being mixed they both essentially deliver the same thing.they share some features and some my be stronger in some areas then others,I might be bias :).They are both capable of providing what you want for your prodject id say,

Why not request a demo/chat from your local HPE team they would be more then happy to assist and its allways good to have options even from a  bargining point of view .

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Re: Simplivity and VMware

SimpliVity will do most of the same functions as vSAN and will allow redundancy against node failure and deduplication. The main thing that I was not told about before buying was the overhead of SimplVity. It requires a very beefy linux VM per host. Mine are 6 core 130GB RAM machines with dual 10Gbe NICs.

The other thing that bit us was the second purchase of SimpliVity hardware. Since we were then stuck in the ecosystem, the price per node almost doubled. The main place I see SimpliVity being the most effective is when you have a lot of Remote Offices that need small deployments and a large deployment in your main datacenter. SimpliVity has a built in backup system that will backup all of your remote offices to your main datacenter.


Re: Simplivity and VMware

SimpliVity and VSAN are competitive technologies - SimpliVIty does not use VSAN software at all, but does run on VMware (and Hyper-V, today). 

vCenter is used to manage all SimpliVity functionality, OneView is not required.

While all HCI solutions look similar at a high level, there are significant differences in the architecture - SimpliVity dedupe is global, enabling trivial data replication and DR. Every SimpliVity node is an independant RAID array - you need 5 VSAN nodes to match the reliability of 2 SimpliVity nodes.

Also, while often not discussed, practically speaking VSAN requires Enterprise ESXi licenses. Not technically, but to have an efficient system you really need it.

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Re: Simplivity and VMware

Hello @EtlicherL - I am happy to help. Can you please private message your details by clicking here , and I can assist from there!




Re: Simplivity and VMware

Please PM me if you want to know more about HPE HCI offerings.

Virtual Storage appliance-based HCI solutions

In kernel management solutions

  • vSan 

are all competitive products. you cannot mix match these solutions. Nutanix also supports VMware. Check the below free Technical overview of HCI solutions.



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