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Re: Simplivity application aware Backup for Linux VM´s

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Simplivity application aware Backup for Linux VM´s

Where can i find Documantation about it - any experiences with pre-freeze- and post-thaw-scripts?
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Re: Simplivity application aware Backup for Linux VM´s

Hi Klemens,

HPE OmniStack uses the VMware snapshot method by default. It preserves the state of the virtual machine and includes all the data at a specific point in time. However, if the application is experiencing moderate to high rates of I/O, this backup process could take many hours and impact performance.


To use VMware snapshots with HPE OmniStack, just select the Application Consistent option when you manually back up a virtual machine or when you create or edit a policy. If you plan to use snapshots to create the backup, plan the backups when the hosts are not busy to reduce any performance impact.



Use these guidelines when creating policies with rules that use the Application Consistent setting:

• Do not schedule the backups during HPE OmniStack software upgrades.

• If you have a large number of virtual machines, you can create separate policies to separate the virtual machines into smaller groups. You can then create rules to back up each group at different times to reduce the number of simultaneous backups.

• Create a combination of application-consistent and crash-consistent backups to local and remote clusters.

• Do not schedule the backups at the same time as any third-party database backups.


The HPE Simplivity Administrator Guide will provide all relevant information from a Simplivity perspective.

I would suggest that you search VMware documentation for more detail on the feature and relevant information on using pre freeze & post thaw scripts.




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