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Surviving 1 node failure in stretched cluster

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Surviving 1 node failure in stretched cluster

Hello, is it possible for some VM that are not anymore protected by HA (storage HA lost sync) to be HA compliant once again even with a node failure.

I mean stretched cluster of 4 nodes (1 & 2 in zone A, 3 & 4 in zone B)

 Node 3 have failed in zone B

VM that were "paired" on the node 3 with one of the node in zone A are ot anymore protected by HA.

If for exemple VM "File" have Primary data on Node 1 and Secondary data on node 3. If Node 1 fails also I will face "DU" for the VM "File". Do I have the possibility to "re dispatch" the data on the node 3 for that VM to the node 4 that is still available ? If yes how can I do it ?

Hope to be clear, thanks.



Re: Surviving 1 node failure in stretched cluster

No.Simplivity maintains 2 copies only  of the data.

A stretched cluster forces the copies to be maintained in distint failure domians.

IE we can survive a catastorphic failure of Zone A or  Zone B

What you are describing if I am correct is a catasrophic failure of a zone combinded with an additional failing node and how to prevent this causing dataloss/unavailability.

There is no way to add a third copy  of the data on either Zone.

A remote backup to another site would be the only way to ensure availability.




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