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TestNetworkSetupValidator: Host network setup failed

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TestNetworkSetupValidator: Host network setup failed

Having trouble deploying a 3node simplivity cluster I have checked with the networking department and verifyed all connections manually and everything seem to be correct however I can get past this errors of Host Network setup failed. The deployment manager is on the same Vlan as the managment network and can connect to each host using the temporary IP currently assignd. Any Ideas on where to look for the problem?> 


2021-03-01 15:35:13,748Z DEBUG main [c.s.d.v.NetworkPortAccessValidator] executeTestPlan(ValidationExecutor.java:35) - OmniStack Host Test Network Setup
2021-03-01 15:35:13,748Z INFO main [c.s.d.v.NetworkPortAccessValidator] executeTest(TestNetworkSetupValidator.java:297) - Setting up test network for HOST_TYPE
2021-03-01 15:35:13,752Z ERROR main [c.s.d.v.NetworkPortAccessValidator] checkNetworkInterfaceRetrieverResult(TestNetworkSetupValidator.java:231) - Related network configuration for CHECK_HOST_MANAGEMENT_INTERFACE_RETRIEVER is invalid: INVALID_CONFIG
2021-03-01 15:35:13,753Z ERROR main [c.s.d.v.NetworkPortAccessValidator] logValidationSummary(AbstractValidator.java:407) - TestNetworkSetupValidator: Host network setup failed.


Re: TestNetworkSetupValidator: Host network setup failed

Hello @SSWK1 

Did you clear the RAID configuraiton for both rear and front logical disks before trying to deploy?

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