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Update legacy Dell nodes

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Update legacy Dell nodes


I have to update a customer with 7 legacy SimpliVity on codelevel 3.5.x. The nodes are Dell nodes (2x CN-2000, 2x CN-3000 and 3x CN-3400). ESX is 6.5.

Plan is to upgrade to 3.7.10 and ESX6.5 U3 as follows (according the interopmatrixes):

vCenter Server Appliance to 6.5 U1f
CN2000 and CN3000 to 820-000001-dell-r720xdfirmware-i (31.5.2017)
CN3400 to 820-000003-r730-k (10.3.2017)
ESXi to 6.5 U1 on all nodes
Arbiter and VCenter plugin to level of 3.7.3
OmniStack to 3.7.3 on all nodes

CN2000 and CN3000 to 820-000001-dell-r720xdfirmware-q (11.10.2019)
CN3400 to 820-000003-r730-r (11.10.2019)
ESXi to 6.5 U3 Express Patch 16 on all nodes
vCenter auf 6.5 U3
Arbiter and VCenter plugin to level of 3.7.10
Omnistack to 3.7.10 on all nodes


1. does this plan work

2. where do I get the FW from (is it standard versions or simplivity specific)

3. same for ESX (is it dell custom bundle, HPE custom bundle or standard)

Thanks for any replies.

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Re: Update legacy Dell nodes

Hi @BJST ,

Thanks for sharing the information. However, we would need a few more details such as the current ESXi and vCenter version and build in order to make a concrete plan.

The standard firmware and the custom Dell ESXi can be downloaded from Dell website for the upgrade.

In case you need any help in making the plan or downloading the software bundles feel free to log a support case.




Re: Update legacy Dell nodes

Thanks, will check the Dell webpage for respective files..

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Re: Update legacy Dell nodes


You can also follow the link for downloading the required software bundles suggested in the Interoperatiblity guide.


Re: Update legacy Dell nodes

I didn't find the mentioned firmware bundles on the dell page. There are bundles available but the content is not matching the FW-Levels mentioned in the interopGuide.

Customer actually is using:

Vcenter server:
ESXi:5.5.0 (2068190 on cn-3400 and 5.5.0 2143827 on CN-3000 and 5.5.0 1746974 on CN-2000 nodes)

Due to these levels the plan at the top was created.

So what I'm exactely looking for is:

dell updatebundles for:
820-000001-dell-r720xdfirmware-i (31.5.2017) with the FWs listed in the interopguide
820-000003-r730-k (10.3.2017) with the FWs listed in the interopguide
820-000001-dell-r720xdfirmware-q (11.10.2019) with the FWs listed in the interopguide
CN3400 auf 820-000003-r730-r (11.10.2019) with the FWs listed in the interopguide

Do you have a downloadlink to these packages (ISO) to directly update with iDRAC?

Greetings an Thanks