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Upgrade Simplivity Small to Medium


Upgrade Simplivity Small to Medium

Hi, I want to upgrade (Small to Midium) a Simplivity 4node infrastructure. I want to do it node by node. What are the steps?

1) Zone desaktivieren: svt-zone-unassign und svt-zone-realize

2) Remove from federation des ersten Nodes, im vCenter: right click auf ersten host-> All Simplivity actions -> remove from federation, will this move all VM's and backups?

3) Wait until copying is finished >2Std+

OVC shutdown

4) Host set in maintenance mode , shut down, remove from inventory

5) Server: remove Disks and controller, und and insert the new one

6) Start server, with Deploy manager and XML File esxi and OVC install?

7) Then the next nodes points 2-7 again.

Thanks for an answer!

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Re: Upgrade Simplivity Small to Medium

Hi @werner.zeller 

Thanks for your query.

This is actually a lot more complex than what you might believe.

There are a lot of other considerations to be made, and the risk of carrying out certain steps incorrectly can have very serious consequences for your data. In this sense, the procedure is not supported as such and I would advise against attempting this yourself.

We do have a paid for service where a trained team in this exact scenario can assist and ensure the steps are carried out correctly.

I recommend to speak with your accounts team about the storage-expansion service.



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