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Upgrade capacity of stretched cluster


Upgrade capacity of stretched cluster

Upgrade capacity of stretched cluster

We are looking for an upgrade solution for a stretched cluster -2 nodes simplivity 380 Gen10 v3.7.7 due a limited storage capacity.

1st: Upgrade hardware: add disk and maybe add memory for two nodes

2nd: Add 2 nodes, one per zone.

Can you help me for compare this two ways


thank you.





Re: Upgrade capacity of stretched cluster

Hi Major88.

Probably a question your local sales team would be in a better position to advise  on.

Before you buy additional capacity have you looked into what is consuming space on the nodes.

To understand how Simpliivty stores data. https://damianerangey.com/

Are your backup policys fit for purpose.,Especially around RPO/RTO

Do you have old backups that will never delete such as manual backups.


Are your VMs holding alot of unused data,For instance if you deleted 1TB of files in a windows VM that space is still locked into that vitual machine and is available only for that virtual machine.if you ran sdelete to write zeros this space is returned to overall free space.




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Re: Upgrade capacity of stretched cluster

Hi @Major88,

Ideally it may be best to have this discussion with your local sales team or even Simplivity support to get a better understanding of the limitations when undertaking either scenario.

1st: While possible it will require all involved nodes to be re-deployed where you will need to migrate all data off the platform and factory reset each node to complete the h/w upgrades. There is also the question as to whether or not the nodes have the capacity to be upgraded also.

2nd: Would be the most ideal method as you can simply deploy a node in to each zone and the optimization software will calculate the resources/make them availble across each cluster.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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