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Re: Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5

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Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5

Hello everyone,
I am new at upgrading firmware of this old server 'LENOVO x3650 m5"
I have here x2  iso file for firmware upgrade, but I dont know where to start.
I tried attaching and booting it through KVM but did not booted.

Anyone to provide KB or steps how to use this upgrade file .iso  to upgrade server firmware please see photo for the .iso

 iso file.PNG

thank you


Re: Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5


Please find the below steps:

1. Putty(SSH) to the IMM(Integrated Management Module) using the IMM IP address.
2. Type usbeth: if the output shows as enabled. No action is required.
3. If usbeth shows as disabled then we have to enable it. Please find the below steps to enable usbeth.
Type the command:
<usbeth –en enabled> and Hit enter. This will enable usbeth.
NOTE: After completing the upgrade DO NOT forget to disable usbeth.
To disable to usbeth type the command:
<usbeth –en disabled>

4. Mount the ISO. Try booting the server from the ISO. It should work now.

5. Once the server boots to the “Boot Devices Manager (F12 - one time boot menu)”. Hit the space bar to get into Legacy BIOS mode. Then scroll down to select CD/DVD and hit enter for the server to boot from the mounted firmware iso.

NOTE: We strongly recommend you to read the below interoperability before performing the upgrade. Ensure that the Firmware, vCenter, ESXi is supported by the OVC(OmniStack) version.

HPE SimpliVity OmniStack 3.7.10U1for Lenovo Interoperability Guide:


HPE OmniStack 3.7.10 U1 for vSphereUpgrade Guide:


Reference KB articles:

Simplivity - Lenovo x3650 Firmware Version 790-000058 Rev_N Upgrade Guide


SimpliVity - Lenovo Rev_P Upgrade Guide:






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Re: Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5

Hello @Deepak_K 
I will perform this later thank you.
Another question I am running a single node with no VM but has a backup data. if I shutdown the OVC and perform the firmware upgrade will the backup data will be affected/corrupted/deleted?

Re: Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5

Hello @Deepak_K 
the said steps doesn't work. it does not boot in the firmware ISO.
Anything else to do ? 

Re: Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5

Hello sorry, The steps you said is the right one. thank you so much.


Re: Upgrading Firmware of Lenovo x3650 m5

Hi Simon,

Powering Off the OVC and upgrading the Firmware will not affect the backup.




I work for HPE