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VM power state at time of backup

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VM power state at time of backup

Hi all,

I've been asked if it's possible to detemine the VM power state at the time a SimpliVity backup was taken? I know svt-backups can report VM State but this is referring to the vCentre inventory state i.e. present or deleted but doesn't distinquise powered on from powered off. Can this be correlated somehow by API call to vCentre and API call to SimpliVity DVP? Or is there a SimpliVity command?




Re: VM power state at time of backup

Hi @kerrplunk77 , power state of VMs are not tracked in SimpliVity backups. The database does keep track of power states, so if you wanted to query the database via a simple REST request before a backup job is kicked off, you could do that. If you are looking to investigate the history of power state to cross reference with a particular backup, you may check the vmware.log file of the VM in question, or the svtfs.log file on the OVC using grep...

grep "<vm_name>.*powerState" $SVTLOG*


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