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dsv-tree-delete-orphaned command missing?

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dsv-tree-delete-orphaned command missing?

We have a number of orphaned trees on our simplivity platform, in the past we have used an HP support supplied script deleteOrphans.py. This now fails, and it appears that it is callign the dsv-tree-delete-orphened  command and that his no longer exists. THe other commands (dsv-tree-find-orphaned etc.) all work fine.

Has this command been removed from 3.7.10 ? the script worked on the same systems in the past but we did update to 3.7.10 since the last time it was used? 


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Re: dsv-tree-delete-orphaned command missing?


Yes. The dsv-tree-delete-orphan command has been removed in the OmniStack 3.7.10 release. It requires the dsv-cfgdb-inject-sql command that has also been removed. There commands are available to and are intended to be used by HPE Support personnel and are no longer delivered in the general release.

The presence of orphans is an unusual condition that needs a support engagement to determine the correct action for resolution. Please open a support case if you need assistance with discovered orphaned data.

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