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inventory not found

Stefano Colombo
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inventory not found

I'm upgrading simplivity 3.7.5 to 3.7.9 , as a step to go to 4.01.

When  I run the upgrade manager I got the error "inventory not found "

I already updated the plug-in , rebooted the Vcenter and both the OVC

I also perfomed the sudo dsv-update-vcenter on both th OVC

Still I get the error

how can I solve the issue and continue the upgrade ?




Re: inventory not found

@Stefano Colombo there are a couple issues that can lead to this message. If there is an issue with the API service running on the OVCs or if there are authentication issues, this can occur. JAVA versions can also cause unpredictable behavior. What Java version  is in use on the machine running the Upgrade Manager?

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Re: inventory not found

I've got the same problem with an upgrade from 3.7.10 to 4.0.1U1 - did you get resolution?


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Re: inventory not found

One of the known issues in older deployment manager versions was that you need to use the vCenter IP address instead of FQDN when you login to the deployment manager. See if that helps.
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Re: inventory not found

Thanks for the reply Tony. Yes I was familar with the FQDN issue,, in fact I think now only an IP address is valid for connection to VCSA.

This was a weird one that required Support but we really don't know what fixed the problem. It was either...




restart of SimpliVity arbiter service

... or a combination of all three. I suspect just restarting the arbiter service alone would have resolved because the upgrade failed on one of the two nodes and the fix was to run the same dsv commands again.

In this particular instance Upgrade Manager was running on a physical Windows 2012 R2 server which had the arbiter service.

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Re: inventory not found


This is due to OVC management IP, which is duplicated in vCenter OVC Summary tab and the upgrade manager is unable to complete the API call to OVC.

Please follow the workaround provided in the KB to fix the issue.



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