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legacy and all flash mix Omnistack Version

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legacy and all flash mix Omnistack Version

Hello Everyone
can a 4.0.0 Omnistack version can be combined with 3.7.8 omnistack version?
Will this setup will work. Enlighten me please thank you so much
On prod setup:
1st vcenter 6.7
1st cluster ESXI 6.7u3
3xDL380 gen 10= 4.0.0 Omnistack version
2nd cluster ESXI 6.7u3
2xDL380 gen10= 4.0.0 omnistack Version

will be added setup
2nd Vcenter(linked mode) 6.7
1st cluster ESXI 6.5
2x Lenovo x3650 m5 = 3.7.8 

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Re: legacy and all flash mix Omnistack Version

Hi @simonsimon1129 ,

Hope you are doing good.

Please note that based on the below configuration adding a new cluster with an older version will not be supported. 

You can deploy or upgrade a new cluster which is Higher that the existing OVC version considering the fact that we should have existing environment at 3.7.10U1 or above.

Please refer to the Latest Interopterability Guide for lenovo for 3.7.10U1: (PAGE-18)


NOTE: Mixed Software Versions in a FederationIt is possible for clusters in a federation to use different versions of the HPE OmniStack software. For example, if you have three clusters in a federation, Cluster 1 could use an older version of the software, while Clusters 2 and 3 use newer versions. Note that clusters containing Lenovo systems cannot run 4.0.0 or later; information for later versions is given here for clusters containing HPE systems only 





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Re: legacy and all flash mix Omnistack Version

Hello @Askey_15 
I cant view the link, will you give me a pdf format of the link. thank you so much

Re: legacy and all flash mix Omnistack Version

Hi @Askey_15 
I cant also view the link. Will you please send a pdf file or pdf link thank you


Re: legacy and all flash mix Omnistack Version



We do not have an option to attach the PDF. We re-verified the link and it is working fine. Please re-check.





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