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new cluster joining an existing federation??

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new cluster joining an existing federation??


I am in the processes of creating a new two node 4.0.1u1 Simplivity cluster which will use a VMware 6.7 VCSA that already manages several Simplivity clusters. This is a new Simplivity cluster and not an expansion of an existing cluster. I know I need to join the existing federation and so was expecting the screen within the Deployment Manager that asks me if I want to join an existing Federation and to provide an IP address of an OVC that is within the Federation - However, I didn't see this and that option seemed to be greyed out. 

I suspect that this is becuase there is only a single Federation  on the vCenter server (there's no enhanced link mode) and so, as I only had one federation that I could join, then it didn't need to ask me??

Can someone please confirm this is expected behaviour before I continue with the deployment - thanks

Below is a screenshot of the step I'm at with the deployment and you can see that 'Define settings for the Federation' is greyed out and deployment manager skips over this step




Re: new cluster joining an existing federation??

Hi @jlangmead ,


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Yes you are correct, as you are adding these nodes under the same vCenter (even though its on the different cluster) the Deployment Manager will automatically detect the existance of SimpliVity federation hence the option is greyed out.

Also if in future you add a new vCenter (in linked mode) and as it will not have any SimpliVity nodes under it, you will find an option to create or join existing federation.



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