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v3.7.7 moving VCenter to VCSA

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v3.7.7 moving VCenter to VCSA

Hi Team,

After a new installation of the version 3.7.7, i imove the windows Vcenter to a VCSA. After this i have the following message in OVC when i enter "svt-session-start"

"Enter password for administrator@vsphere.local:
Error: SLT e0e9ab9d-7f96-432b-9e2e-59a12d2a1b9c:1, Session token failure, HVALInvalidIdentifierException:token not found"

Have you got this before ?

Thanks in advanced



Re: v3.7.7 moving VCenter to VCSA

I believe you will need to re-connect the Federation to the new vCenter - I would open a Suport call, but you could review what's in TID "How to Relocate a Federation to a New vCenter Server (v3.0)", 7322, on the Support site.

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Re: v3.7.7 moving VCenter to VCSA

Thanks for the fast reply !

I try but no work. I open a case to support.

I try to put the solution after this.


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Re: v3.7.7 moving VCenter to VCSA

have any  solution?


Re: v3.7.7 moving VCenter to VCSA

Hi @AllenSH 

Since the release of 3.7.7, the procedure for moving to a new vCenter has changed.

Certificates also now need to match between OVC's and the vCenter.

There are stpes that we in support can take to get the certificates to match. Once the certficates match, the normal dsv-update-vcenter steps can be followed.

I believe you mentioned that you have already created a support ticket for this, and that is the best option in this scenario, as support will be familiar with the process and help you through the steps.



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