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vCenter critical security issue

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vCenter critical security issue

I just read that vCenter has a critical security issue: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2021/05/vmsa-2021-0010.html

1. Is the latest vCenter 6.5n supported by SimpliVity? If so, which version of SimpliVity?

2. If not, will there be any issue if we set the plugins as incompatible as recommended?


Re: vCenter critical security issue

Hello @BoonHong 

Based on the HPE Simplivity Interoperability Guide the latest vCenter Server version supported is vCenter Server version 6.5 U3l. There is also a note with the following:

A customer may upgrade vCenter to an unlisted patch version only when the vCenter major and minor versions are already listed in this document. Unlisted major or minor version updates are not supported.
For example, if vCenter Server 6.5 Update 3e is the latest supported 6.5 version in this document, and VMware releases patch version 6.5 Update 3g to fix a security issue, it is acceptable to upgrade to Update 3g before HPE updates the document.
However, if VMware releases a new minor version 6.5 Update 4 and HPE has not yet added Update 4 to this document, a vCenter upgrade to 6.5 Update 4 would not be supported.
oCustomer must accept that new/unlisted patch versions have not yet been qualified by HPE SimpliVity.

If you are under the same major version then it is fine to apply the recommended fix 6.5 U3n is acceptable.

Hope it helps.


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Re: vCenter critical security issue