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vMotion on SVT_StorPG

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vMotion on SVT_StorPG

Hello all, when deploying SVT nodes, vMotion is always set on the 10Gb port on the SVT_StorPG vmkernel. Is it mandatory from a SimpliVity point of view or more an opportunity for svt to use better ports that the 1Gb Embedded by default ? I'm asking because in a case for vMotion Without Shared Storage I would like to "switch " the time of a migration the vMotion service from the SVT_StorPG to the Management Network as the source host vMotion are in the same subnet. I've try to activate vMotion both on Mgt network and let the vMotion already activate by default on the SVT_StorPG but vMotion fails with the error : source cannot reach destination (normal because is not in the same subnet and in a dedicated VLAN)

Re: vMotion on SVT_StorPG

The reason vMotion is set on the Storage vmkernel port is more to do with the use of jumbo frames. You will see a significant difference on the time it takes to migrate a VM between ESXi hosts, when the MTU is set to 9000 over 1500. 

By the way, changing the vMotion to work over the management network is fully supported.

For a vMotion to work, it can only be enabled on one vmkerenl port per host. Please disable vMotion on vmk1 and enable on vmk0.

If there is still an issue with vMotion on the management network, refer to the following VMware KB:






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