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HPE InfoSight for 3PAR: Customer Experience, elevated!


HPE InfoSight for 3PAR continues to transform infrastructure management via AI-driven operations and predictive support automation. In this blog we talk about elevated customer experience via fast registration, near-real time data streaming, new software recommendation engine and a brand new user interface.

We introduced 3PAR on HPE InfoSight way back in March 2018 and if you missed that announcement you can head over to Calvin Zito’s blog 3PAR on InfoSight is here where he also showed the demo of cross stack analytics. If you are looking for a quick overview you should also checkout his HPE InfoSight overview demo. Since the initial introduction 3PAR has advanced intelligent storage with AI and cloud automation and delivered predictive support automation. This week, at Discover Las Vegas 2019, we announced a few more features that take customer experience to the next level:

  • Fast registration for quick access to 3PAR systems in HPE InfoSight
  • Data streaming to provide near-real time updates to the portal
  • New software recommendation engine to help prevent issues
  • New UI to bring consistent look across pages for HPE 3PAR StoreServe, Nimble storage and ProLiant servers  

Let’s look at these features in some more detail.


Fast Registration
As adoption of HPE InfoSight for 3PAR grew over the past many months, our enthused customers couldn’t wait to start using the portal right after registering their systems. Until now customers have had to wait for multiple days before registered system showed up in the portal – not anymore!

We heard you loud and clear and now you can view your systems in InfoSight in as little as 10-15 minutes. Simply generate a token using InfoSight for 3PAR, paste the token in StoreServe Service Console, go get a cup of coffee and your system will be in the portal by the time you return to your desk!

To register your system using HPE 3PAR StoreServe Service Console

  1. Copy the registration token provided to you on the HPE InfoSight Settings >  Register Systems page
  2. Login to the 3PAR Service Console
  3. From the Main Menu
  4. Select STORAGE SYSTEMS : Systems
  5. Choose Actions > Edit System
  6. In the Installation Site section “Register with HPE InfoSight” click Add
  7. In the Add Token dialog box, select the radio button Enter new Token
  8. Paste the registration token and click Add
  9. You will see your token now in place, at the bottom of the page
  10. Click OK (and go get your coffee)

3PAR-Infosight-Registration-SP.jpg3PAR Registration via Service Console

You still have the option of registering via CLI and/or via HPE 3PAR StoreServe Management Console in which case the system will be available in InfoSight in less than 8 hours (instead of 2-4 days earlier).

Near-real time Data Streaming

Streaming is absolutely critical to deliver to the promise of AI-driven operations and predictive support automation. A lot of value in terms of visualizations, trends and even predictions based on trends, such as capacity projections, can still be delivered without streaming. This is what InfoSight for 3PAR already delivered and now we have opened the door to more real-time analytics, predictions and support automation.

Relatively small chunks of data (per system) is processed in parallel as soon as telemetry is received at our data centers, enabling a more up to date system configuration, performance data, wellness statuses, system alerts and entitlement details in the portal. 
Here is how often you should see updates to various pages in InfoSight for 3PAR as a result of streaming:

Infosight_Feature_Comparison_3PAR_Streaming.jpgBenefits of Streaming

Do you need to do anything to enable streaming?
No, it is completely automatic and all HPE 3PAR systems connected to HPE InfoSight immediately benefit from near-real time streaming.

However, for the best possible HPE InfoSight experience for 3PAR, we recommend:

  • Connecting to HPE 3PAR Central via the RDA Transport Agent
  • Running 3PAR Service Processor release v5.0.5 or v4.4.0.GA-129.P008 (or later)
  • Running 3PAR OS release recommended for your system along with any recommended patches
  • StoreServ Management Console v3.5 and linking it to HPE InfoSight via HPE Passport to enable Predictive Support Automation recommendations


Software Recommendation Engine
With streaming available, InfoSight for 3PAR now has access to more up to date information of system’s hardware profile, software configuration and wellness statuses. This enables our new software recommendation engine to provide recommendations tailored to each individual system’s profile and configuration.

You can access Software Recommendations page through the drop down available under systems details page.

3PAR-Software-Recommendations.jpg3PAR Software Recommendations


The engine also takes into account how a particular software update may have behaved on other systems with similar hardware profile and configuration. So, besides recommending releases with new features, our automated software recommendation engine only recommends patches that will help prevent issues or enhance security and performance.

This removes the guesswork and angst involved in picking software updates enabling you to focus on the business outcomes that matter! 


New User Interface
Customers who are familiar with HPE InfoSight for Nimble and Servers quickly catch up to the fact the interface for HPE InfoSight for 3PAR has been vastly different. With consistent user experience in mind for customers who use HPE InfoSight for multiple devices, we are bringing new look for InfoSight for 3PAR.

This new look is much simpler, cleaner and offers all the information and analytics that our classic look offered – but now with fewer mouse clicks!

You now get predefined system views suitable for general, capacity, performance and/or support use cases. Wellness scores and system statuses are also available in via hover tips in the summary views. Columns offer sorting and filtering capabilities where applicable and we will be adding advanced filtering capabilities in coming months.

Infosight-3PAR-Systems.jpg3PAR Systems List Views


Systems Details page provides a wealth of information at a glance and will draw your attention to things that need attention without any additional mouse clicks. You can view system Summary, Capacity, Status and Performance details at the top with Software Recommendation and Support details at the bottom. You can also directly view cross-stack analytics via the vCenter link on top-right.
Anything color coded and/or underlined offers additional information via hover tips.

Beyond at-a-glance views, advanced details, charts and trends are available in various tabs on the page.

Infosight-3PAR-Systems-Details.jpgSystem Details view


Additionally there are a couple of more features that are available in the new pages that our classic pages didn’t offer. For example, now you can get much granular performance data for all flash systems. We call it high resolution (Hi-Res) data that offers performance charts with up to 5 minute granularity!

We are also bringing in Performance Insights that will show volumes experiencing higher-than-expected latency and highlight hotspots that may be contributing to bottlenecks in the system.

3PAR-Infosight-HiRes.jpgHiRes Performance Charts


In summary, the new UI brings in all the information and analytics available in our classic pages but presents in simpler, cleaner and concise views. Not to forget that we have also added a couple of new features in the new UI. This interface is now available in our beta portal and you can access it by turning experimental mode on. Head over there and let us know what you think!

We will be releasing the new UI very soon when I will write a separate blog to show you around in more detail.

Stay connected

Please follow along for the latest updates on HPE InfoSight plus more insights on how HPE continues to pave the way for autonomous infrastructure. Discussions will continue here on HPE Storage Tech Insiders and also on Around the Storage Block.

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