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How to Configure your Nimble to SMTP Relay via Office 365


I've done this for two clients, couldn't find anything on Connect yet, so here are the steps!

Gather your info

  1. Get the relay server name – looks like "abcdefg1.mail.protection.outlook.com"
    1. Login to Portal.Office.com, click Domains
    2. Click Domain settings (on right)
    3. Save the MX record listed under DNS records
  2. Get your public IP (source of SMTP traffic)
    1. Ask your network admin or just go to www.whatismyip.com

Get to work

  1. Login to Portal.Office.com with an admin user account
  2. Click Admin->Exchange->Protection
    1. Click Connection Filter
    2. Edit the default filter
      1. Click Connection Filtering
      2. In IP Allow list, add your public IP address
      3. Click Save
  3. On left menu bar, Click Mail Flow
    1. Click Connectors
    2. Click to add a connector
    3. Name it “SMTP Relay From Datacenter” (or something else relevant)
      1. Check to turn it on
      2. Check to retain internal Exchange email headers
    4. Click the to add your IP address
      1. Click Next and save the changes

Set up Nimble

  1. Open Nimble portal (not Infosight)
  2. Click Administration->Alerts and Monitoring->Email Alerts
    1. Set the From: address to be a email address to a valid/licensed Office365 user
    2. Set the To: address to be your email (or a distribution group of responsible adults who love to receive email alerts and properly respond)
    3. Set the SMTP hostname to the relay server name
    4. Set the port to 25
    5. No authentication
    6. Click Save
    7. Click Test
  3. Verify you have an email from your SAN!
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Only problem with that procedure is if your Public IP is the general IP address, not a dedicated Public IP address dedicated for your SAN. You just opened anonymous relay from any computers inside your company. Anybody can spoof anybody else e-mail address and send e-mail on their behalf. From my point of view this is a big security risk that you should be aware before proceeding.


It's a good thing that Nimble added authenticated relay in a recent patch! It shouldn't need to be this wide open anymore.


If the 2.3 version is not resolving your issues and you want to add a security layer. You might want to add an internal mail relay. You give that server a public IP and only white list that IP. All your internal devices who cannot do authentication can now be white listed by IP. This way you're not opening anonymous relay to everybody.

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