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Multiprotocol CIFS/SMB and NFS Sharing with Windows 2012


My last blog documented the steps to setup a NFS volume on Windows 2012. and how to access it using a NFS client.

I was curious to also explore how this same NFS volume could be shared to Windows users to allow multi-protocol access over NFS and CIFS/SMB to the same volume.  The steps to achieve this are really straight forward and simple.  Using the volume I setup in the previous blog I simply enabled standard Windows sharing;

First I navigated back to my E: Drive using Explorer and right clicked to show properties and click on Advanced Sharing:


On the next dialogue, select the option to share the folder and the Share name that should be used;  Again click on Permissions and Caching if you wish to add specific permissions for this share (by default it will be Read-Only so click on it and make it Read Writable).  That's it your done !


If I now access this filesystem via my Unix/NFS host I can create and edit a file (here writing a file called multiprotocol.txt and appending the fact that it's been written over NFS using the trusty vi command):


and now from my Windows client I can map to the same volume using the SMB Share created above:


and then edit the same file that I just created with the NFS client and make a change....


and then finally reviewing both the edits back from my Unix client....


Hopefully you find this a useful and interesting test;  Of course there are a few more complexities that go into this to make it operationally viable.  For instance how do you perform identity mapping to allow Unix and Windows ID's get mapped appropriately.  The following Technet article discusses the identity and mapping considerations in more detail.

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