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[New Release] Nimble Linux Toolkit 2.0, Oracle App Manager & Docker Plugin!


Reposting this from Stephen Daniel:

We are pleased to announce that Nimble Linux Toolkit (NLT) 2.0 has been released from Engineering and is available for Production environments!

NLT2.0, in addition to the existing Linux NCM, marks the debut release of two significant applications --Nimble Oracle Application Data Manager and Nimble Docker Plugin.


The Nimble Oracle Application Data Manager brings the power of Nimble Storage snapshots and clones to Oracle database administrators. Oracle database administrators can use snapshots as backups and recovery points without needing to understand the mapping between their database and objects on a Nimble Storage array. By encapsulating the Nimble clone workflow in this simple-to-use tool we dramatically expand the set of customers who can access the value of Nimble clones natively into the Oracle application stack.

The Nimble Docker Plugin introduces Nimble to the Docker container community. The tools allows Docker volumes to be backed by Nimble Volumes to efficiently persist application data. Many of the features included in this first release, such as cloning, importing Nimble volumes from existing environments into a Docker environment and exposing all the NimbleOS features directly to the Docker Administrator (including dedupe, encryption, etc.) are fully available and as such make NimbleOS one of the best storage platforms for Containers!

For more information and usage for Docker integration, please review the blog by Michael Mattsson: https://connect.nimblestorage.com/community/app-integration/blog/2016/09/20/tech-preview-of-nimble-linux-toolkit-20-docker-plug-in

Linux Toolkit download

Release Notes

Linux Integration Guide


NLT2.0 Team

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_
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