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Nimble Fibre Channel - A Detailed Exploration


Today, Nimble Storage publicly announced the availability of Fibre Channel on Nimble OS.  I therefore felt we'd continue the Nimble:Connect blog series but dedicate a specific series purely to Fibre Channel (watch out for the 2.2 update series where my colleagues will cover what other features are incorporated into 2.2!).  Over the next few days I will take you on a ground up tour of Nimble OS and Fibre Channel.  The topics we will cover are:

Blog #TitleBlog LinkVideo Link
Part 1

Introduction to Nimble FC, Setup and Install a FC Array

  Link Video Link : 1144
Part 2

Provisioning Nimble FC Volume to Windows

  Link Video Link : 1146
Part 3

Provisioning Nimble FC Volume to ESX Cluster

  Link Video Link : 1147
Part 4

Provisioning Nimble FC Volume to Linux

  Link Video Link : 1148
Part 5

Nimble FC Boot from SAN

  Link Video Link : 1152
Part 6

In the Zone:  A discussion around best practice with Fibre Channel Zones

  Nimble Fibre Channel: In the Zone - A discussion around best practice with Fibre Channel Zones    N/A

As with many of my blog posts, I will supplement most of the posts above with some video so not only can you read about but also get a feel for what it looks like.

So if you need some more fibre in your storage diet hopefully this will be a good introduction!

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