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Nimble OS 2.0 Part 10 – IP Address Zone Settings


This post wraps up our ten-part series on the new features in Nimble OS 2.0, and so we complete the circle by going back to the first post, where Nick Dyer explored the new networking features.

This time, we’ll examine the new IP Address Zone settings in the Networking Screen.


The default setting is Single which is ok if you use only one switch or if you have a large stacking pipe.

If in doubt, please contact Support or your local SE.


However, if you have a lower bandwith connection, leaving the default setting could lead to unnecessary traffic over the ISL.

To avoid this, there are two settings you can choose (Bisect or Even/Odd), but they require some planning beforehand:

A: Bisect - Lower half of the subnet range in one group, upper half in another, eg. has

Lower half: –

Upper half: –


All Host and Data IPs in the lower half of the subnet should be configured on one switch while those in the upper half should be configured on another switch.

B: Even/Odd – Grouped by the last bit, e.g. is even, is odd

see picture below


Keeping an eye on these settings ensures that your environment runs at the maximum speed.

This ends our series of blogs about the new features in NOS 2.0, just in time for the amazing new stuff coming out in NOS 2.1. We’ll keep you posted.

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Hello Klaus,

The pre-requisite for this is that you run Nimble Connection Manager on your hosts, right?



Hi Walter,

No. I realized that yesterday during an install. Setting the connection method to automatic creates the same number of connections no matter if you have NCM installed or not.


russel pham

Hi Klaus,

What about having two separate subnets for each zone?  Is this something that Nimble will support?  Please see this diagram.

Based on the diagram, I should only see 2x paths instead of 8x paths  in Windows NCM?

What do you suggest for setting the path selection for VMWare 4.1?  There's a VMWare NCM for 5 above but we're not there yet. Thanks.



Hi dxcr,

You are absolutely right. Two different subnets will give you the same thing. And yes it is fully supported. Just put your data IP's in different subnets.

And each subnet you define a "Single" IP Address Zone. Then you get 2 connections with NCM.

Without NCM you will see 4.

101.11 -> 203

101.11->  205

102.11 -> 204

102.11 -> 206

The Path selection with 4.1 is Round Robin.

Don't get too anxious about using or not using NCM. We lived quite well without it for the last 3,5 years.

Only with Scale Out it became painful to manage all connections in a 4 node config.

For a single system you can live without NCM even with ESXi 5.x.

I hope this helps.


russel pham


Thanks for the confirmation. 

While there's more to be desired from NCM, I'm happy that it's saving me 8x manual iscsi registration


Hi Klaus,

In the Bisect configuration above, what Discovery IP address should we use,?

Does it make a difference if it's in one half vs the other?



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