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Nimble OS Released as GA (Generally Available) - 11/02/15


Hello all,

Nimble OS was marked as Generally Available as of February 11th 2015, and OS rollout will now commence to whitelisted arrays deployed in the field. As always, Nimble OS upgrades are non-disruptive and are to be performed at your convenience.

If you are on a Nimble OS release lesser than then you will need to make an intermediatory upgrade to either of these OS' before you can move across to (please see the verified update path list below).

Features included in

  • Fibre Channel support
  • Fibre Channel Multi-Array Group support
  • Syslogd support for audit logs and events
  • Microsoft SCVMM support
  • Cisco UCS Director Module
  • OpenStack Cinder Volume driver (iSCSI Only)
  • New flash cache algorithm for enhanced cache hit utilisation
  • 4TB HDD: Support for high capacity drives in both Arrays and Expansion Shelves.
  • ES1‑H85: Expansion Shelf with 4TB HDD and 1.6TB SSD.
  • 6 Shelf: Support for 6 Expansion Shelves on a single array stack.
  • New controller upgrade support:
         ‑ CS300 ‑> CS500 or CS700
         ‑ CS500 ‑> CS700

Verified Update Paths

Nimble OS version is available for update through the Nimble array GUI. Nimble supports the following upgrade paths:

Supported upgrade paths from the following releases are listed below:

From Release

To Release


Contact Support


Contact Support







You can check if you are whitelisted or blacklisted for this release by heading to Infosight and clicking your firmware version under the "Assets" tab:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 16.47.49.png

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_
About the Author



Will this fix the Ghost vulnerability?


Hi Chuck,

That's correct - includes fixes for Ghost (glibc). There will be similar fix releases for 1.4 and 2.1 coming down the line.


When would CS220 be available for update?


Thanks for fixing the false positive hardware failures!! So far so good.


Should be available soon. You can check if your array is whitelisted or blacklisted in the Infosight->Assets tab, click your firmware on the array to load the Software Upgrade popup screen. In this instance, the firmware running is lower than, so needs to upgrade to before getting to

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 16.47.49.png


thanks ....so if i was "blacklisted" it would show up here?


even when i go to the downloads.. nothing to download https://infosight.nimblestorage.com/infosight/download to manually download to workstation then upload to nimble.


Whilst we're in the process of running a whitelist/blacklist process for firmware releases we don't allow customers to manually download the firmware as it invalidates the whole process we're trying to mitigate against - which is updating firmware which could cause a problem.

Click on your firmware where it says "". You'll get a pop-up, what do you see? It'll tell you if you're blacklisted or not.


ahh.. ok yea it's blacklisted... is there a reason usually for this? we have Premium support thru 2016



Time to give support a call - it's most likely picked something up from the autosupports which means an upgrade of some sort may run into a known issue.

Got to love data analytics for this sort of pro-activeness in fault finding!


There was a blog post written up on the weekend about a customer who upgraded their system to 2.2.5 and noticed a huge improvement in cache hits thanks to the new algorithms. We'll publish a blog or two on the new algorithms and the real-world measured benefits via Infosight in the future...

The New Nimble Caching Algorithm is Awesome - SQL Server with Mr. Denny


Hey Nick - Can I confirm we don't need any PSP/SRA updates for this ?


Hey James,

There is a 2.2.x VMware MPIO PSP & Site Recovery Manager SRA. If you're upgrading from 2.2.3 to 2.2.5 there is no action to take. If you're going from 2.0.x or 2.1.x then the SRA should be updated first. The MPIO PSP can be done at a later time - it's not mandatory to keep it lock-step. This also goes for the Windows Toolkit, too.


Thanks Nick

We are going 2.2.3 – 2.2.5 and have VMWare MPIO PSP 2.1.0 installed, SRA 2.1.0 and Win Toolkit 2.1.4 so should be good to rock.


Do we need to upgrade the Toolkit on the servers for the snapshot to work? If so I still have to schedule to do it after hour as those servers will need to be restarted after update. We currently have toolkit 2.1.3.


Still new to Nimble land. Do we typically need to upgrade our ESXi connection manager software with every release?


Not required unless it's noted in the release notes.  The 2.2.1 code release is have a couple feature, but 2.2 code will still wirk with the 2.1 interface.


Hi Jason,

There's no need to stay 100% lock-step with updating the host side Connection Manager software for Windows or VMware - it's only if you wish to take advantage of any new features that the software provides; otherwise the snapshot functionality (for example) functions the same.

I'm told from support that we QA and test the host side software to be 3 iterations out from the array firmware; if you're on 2.1.3 today then you are supported to go all the way up to 2.4. This can change at any moment so always check the release notes!


Thanks Nick, that's good to know.

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