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Nimble Setup Manager - Avoiding Headaches


When setting up your first Nimble array, there are chances that you will run into a few headaches.  To help alleviate that and help the community at large, here are a few notes regarding the Nimble Setup Manager and deploying a new array:

  1. First, on the included setup guide in the box, completely ignore bullet number one that tells you to go to incorrect website for the setup software.  Instead, go to https://infosight.nimblestorage.com/ login and download the Nimble Windows Integration Toolkit and then install the Nimble Setup Manager (NSM).
  2. After installing the LATEST VERSION (ignore anyone who says otherwise) of the NSM, REBOOT your machine.  The installer DOES NOT PROMPT YOU TO but you HAVE TO in order for the NSM to discover the array.
  3. Ensure that the array is connected to the network with BOTH controllers.  If you do not, the NSM will not discover the array.  It should also be noted that the machine you are running the NSM from should be in the same subnet.

Once you have followed the three notes above, you will be able to properly discover the array.  Hopefully Nimble will fix their included documentation and NSM installer to resolve these issues but in the mean time, this will help you to enjoy your new array!


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