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Nimble Storage & VMware vSphere 6 - Support & Q&A


This question has come up a few times recently, so I thought it would be best to create a post.

Is my Nimble Storage CSxxx array supported with VMware vSphere 6? I'm on firmware x.x.x.x, will that work?

ALL Nimble Storage arrays are fully certified and on VMware's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for vSphere 6.0 as part of NimbleOS maintenance release, which was released on 21/04/15.

There is no change to the VMware NCM toolset, which currently sits at release, and is fully compatible with vSphere 5 & 6 with any NimbleOS 2.2.x release - HOWEVER NCM is signed only for vSphere 5.x, and therefore any patching using Update Manager with vSphere 6 will fail without manual editing.

NCM is now available in Release Candidate mode now (available on Infosight) which is compatible and also signed for vSphere 6. It is also backwards compatible with previous NimbleOS versions - so our recommendation for a fresh install is to install NCM where possible.

VMware's HCL has now been updated to reflect the support of vSphere 6, and the below screengrab is taken from VMware's online Compatibility Guide, available here: VMware Compatibility Guide: Storage/SAN Search

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 13.47.54.png

I'm interested in VMware's Virtual Volumes feature - will my Nimble Storage array support it?

The new Virtual Volumes (aka VVOLs) feature is a major new release for VMware and subsequently supporting storage vendors, and thus full support will take time across the industry. ALL Nimble Storage arrays will be supported with VVOLs, and the first glimpse of this feature will fall under a new concept of a "Tech Preview" mode in the upcoming 2.3 feature release of NimbleOS, which is slated for GA Release in the upcoming months. VVOL support is NOT part of NimbleOS 2.2.x.0.

Please speak with your local Nimble account team to get more details on our plans if you would like to know more, as we tend not to post forward looking commitments on open forums.

Please post any questions below that you may have related to vSphere 6 support with Nimble Storage systems.

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_
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Hi Nick,

I would like to know that if NCM is also have new version for NOS 2.2.6 above?

Or NCM 2.2.1 is compatible to NOS 2.2.6?

Because my customer is going to use VMware 6.0 connect to Nimble.


Hello Peggy,

Good news: the already released version of NCM for VMware (2.2.1.x) is fully supported and compatible with both vSphere 5 and vSphere 6, and we have just released NimbleOS which includes the HCL approval for vSphere 6 support.

Happy install!


Yes, NCM 2.2.1 does work well with vSphere 6, but you can not deploy the Offline Bundle with Update Manager to an ESX 6 host.

I had to edit the metadata.zip to get work. Please: fix that!


Claudio Stocker


Yes please!

I didn't want to modify the file so I started with clean ESX hosts on 5.5 U2 and upgraded them to ESX 6.0


Hi Claudio,

Nimble Support have now advised that the reason that NCM did not work with Update Manager is because it's only digitally signed for vSphere 5, not 6.

Therefore it's recommended to use NCM 2.3 (available on Infosight) which is digitally signed for vSphere 6 and will work with Update Manager, and is fully supported with older NimbleOS code.