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Nimble Welcomes Arrival of vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere 6.5 is Generally Available for download today!  Nimble Storage was there at VMworld in Barcelona when the new vSphere 6.5 was first announced.  Key highlights of the release include the new vCenter Server Appliance, Security upgrades and a new vSphere Integrated Containers capability.  For a ‘point release’, it brings a lot of new functionality and benefits to vSphere customers.

As far as being the key technology of our VMware Server Virtualization solution, there are a few areas I’d like to highlight for customers and resellers considering working with this new version.

Universal App Platform

vSphere touts itself as a universal app platform that supports a broad mix of workloads, both traditional and modern.  It traces this heritage from serving just Test/Dev to a whole array of collaboration, business apps and databases, and more recently challenging ones like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  Nimble espouses a similar concept of a singular yet broad data platform in the Unified Flash Fabric.

In a strictly technical sense, the Unified Flash Fabric is the ability to have All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays together in a single consolidated architecture with common data services. But in practice, it means that this cluster of storage – that can be managed as a single logical system – can support the breadth of workloads whether they require high performance or capacity-oriented data capacity.

And by combining recent enhancements in the vSphere architecture with the high performance of Nimble All Flash, customers can now go beyond VDI and take on newer, more demanding applications like Hadoop, Machine Learning, HPC and cloud native apps, but within this familiar, mature IT platform.

Integrated Features for Data Protection and Manageability

At the top of the list for many in the VMware community is the feature called vSphere Virtual Volumes or “VVols”.  VVols was a feature that came with vSphere 6.0, and it enabled integrated and more efficient provisioning of VMs within external storage arrays.  It manifested the promise of Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) to let VM admins more efficiently manage the data storage layer.  Recent enhancements to VVols in v6.5 include the ability to do Replication, though only two storage vendors have Day 0 support, and Nimble is one of them.  Other VVol related enhancements that Nimble solution customers will enjoy are:

  • Support for Oracle RAC on VVols
  • SPBM Components – create reusable groups of SPBM rules that can quickly be added to a policy
  • Public API and PowerCLI cmdlets for failover workflows

And we’re hearing that it’s these failover workflows that are going to be the ‘killer feature’ of the new solution.

vSphere integrated containers

Containers have become one of the new, hot topics of enterprise IT, thanks to their ability to empower developers with a lighter weight means to deliver applications. And recently Containers have been talked about as more than just the newest DevOps tool, but as part of a broader evolution within the data center.

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers deliver an enterprise infrastructure that provides the best of both worlds for Developers and VM operations teams. With the latest version of vSphere, Containers become just as easy to enable and manage as virtual machines, with no process or tool changes required. This helps customers transform their businesses through the adoption of Containers without re-architecting infrastructure.

Along with VMware Integrated Containers, Nimble is offering customer choice with a new Nimble Solution for Docker Containers.   With this Container solution, Nimble is coupling our proven, enterprise class storage platform with one of the most comprehensive Docker Volume plugins on the market.  Users of this solution will get the self-service capability that DevOps teams want along with the simplified operations that IT requires.

Predictive Flash – the New Requirement for VMware vSphere

Nimble has been traveling the globe with the VMworld shows this year, demonstrating how Predictive Flash is becoming the new requirement for serious VMware environments. It’s Nimble InfoSight that puts the ‘predictive’ in our Predictive Flash.  The Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform lets organizations deploy a single IT platform for all virtualized workloads realizing absolute performance and the ability to scale without disruption. And as touched upon already, running a vSphere universal app platform on a Nimble unified flash fabric gets you the data storage scalability, performance, and manageability that still fits your budget.

See for Yourself

A recent recorded demo of the Nimble VVols integration is available on Youtube, and more information on the Nimble solution for VMware vSphere is available on the web.

Mike Harding | Microsoft Solutions Product Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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so I can go with the upgrade of my VmWare server and Nimble connection manager will support it?


Apparently our Support Matrix has been updated in relation to vSphere 6.5.  Does this answer your question?


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