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Reduce Your Cost of VDI Storage by 77% with Nimble Predictive Flash


Keeping up on developments in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?   New themes continue to arise, such as App Layering and Desktop as a Service (DaaS), but “How to reduce cost” is a constant topic of conversation when it comes to IT in general, and VDI in particular, whether in the data center or the boardroom.

When we talk about VDI costs, a big part of the analysis is the backend infrastructure.  These deployments are often a “clean sheet” exercise, as all layers of the solution – server, networking, storage – need to be upgraded to accommodate the increased requirements around performance, bandwidth and centralized data storage capacity.

Two recently published VDI design documents provided an apples-to-apples comparison around the storage requirements of two comparable enterprise-class All-Flash solutions: one with Pure Storage and one with Nimble Storage. Yet the difference in storage infrastructure cost couldn’t be more different.

Both solutions use All-Flash back-end storage infrastructure to deliver the IOPS and low latency required for a VDI deployment.  They also both used the same enterprise-class servers, switches, same version of Citrix XenDesktop 7.11, were spec-ed for NVIDIA graphics support, and were both sized for a 5,000 seat deployment.

The first solution used Pure’s All-flash 40TB array with a single external shelf holding another 45TB. The list price for this was $1,700,000. The Nimble/HPE solution used a Nimble AF5000 All Flash Array with one base disk shelf with 40TB raw space, plus an external shelf with 44TB raw space. This provided comparable capacity and at least comparable performance characteristics, but had a list price of just $397,000. 

The difference was an amazing 77% lower cost with the Nimble solution!  In terms of cost per desktop, at list price, it was $340 per desktop with Pure, but just $79.40 per desktop with Nimble.

So keep doing your homework on the new developments in the end user computing and mobility space, but no need to look any further for the best deal in VDI storage.  If you’re seeing different results, please share them in the comments below.  For more info on our VDI solutions, or to request a demo or POC, visit the Nimble Desktop Virtualization solution page.

Mike Harding | Products and Solutions Marketing
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
P: 408-514-3243
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