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Research Validates Move to Active Backup


ActiveBackupMovingTruck.pngI’ve been sharing with you my observations around data backup and the growing indication that customers are expecting more from their backup systems.  We’ve seen it in an increasing number of deals, we’re hearing it from partners talking up ‘Copy Data Management’, and it’s being confirmed by analysts who predict 30% of orgs will leverage backup for more than just recovery.

To satisfy my curiosity, I conducted a quick survey on the subject.  Admittedly just a handful of respondents, but the findings were in line with everything we’re seeing:

1. Everyone wants to use their Backup more than just in the event of data loss or corruption

Who wouldn’t, right?  Two out of three respondents weren’t able to, but they all had ideas of how they would.

The interesting thing for me is that people have a nuanced take on what this means – specifically what they want to do with the backup Data vs. the backup Systems.  For instance, respondents wanted to be able to use the Data for Analytics and as Test data.  Whereas, they wanted to use free System resources to verify DR readiness, and as a repository for data mining.

2. Everyone wants Ease of Use

When asked what specifically they look for in a Backup, DR or Archive solution, “Ease of Use” kept coming up.  This was an unprompted, open response.  Of course no one wants to fight with a difficult, or overly complex product.  But I’m seeing this correspond to a shift away from IT teams having deep on-staff expertise, and instead having generalists rely upon very capable, highly usable data storage offerings, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

3. DR is a Bet-the-Business exercise

The seriousness of Disaster Recovery is obvious, but it was made even more clear in the responses. For Backup and Archive, “Integration” and “Cost” came up as top purchase criteria.   But in the case of a Disaster Recovery solution, “Company Stability/Reputation” was an answer that jumped out. It spoke to the strategic nature of the purchase, and the importance of a Vendor track record and longevity. 

Share your Insights about Data Backup

Everyone has a moving story to tell about how they are changing their approach to data management and storage – whether it’s in terms of scale, new data products, formats, or in migrating data to (or back from) the cloud.  Share one or two of your biggest insights here in the comment section below.

Mike Harding | Microsoft Solutions Product Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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