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Self-Driven Flash Performance and Always-On Availability - Nimble and Veeam


It has been estimated that of the 30,000 traffic fatalities that occur each year, 94% are caused by human error. Self-driving cars can potentially end this carnage by removing the human element out of the equation. In addition to making cars infinitely safer, the transportation communication systems in and between vehicles and the roads they travel on, will likely put an end to traffic snarls and inner city gridlock. In short, autonomous vehicles will revolutionize the transportation industry and create a safer and as importantly, a much more predictable user experience.

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In the digital economy, a predictable user experience is also key. End users are conditioned to having data and applications at their fingertips 24x7x365. Think of your smartphone. You have access to thousands of apps that provide great performance and are typically always-on. And if for some reason mobile app performance grinds to a crawl or goes down, you’re only a click away to a competing service.

To compete in the digital economy, organizations need ways to ensure predictable application performance and ensure the availability of key business services. Failure to do so could result in the digital equivalent of a fiery car wreck.

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It is estimated that businesses lose up to $16M annually due to the failure to provide the kind of service levels that end-users have come to expect and demand. In fact, 84% of IT decision makers admit they have an availability gap. In addition to lost revenue opportunities, the bigger risk is a long term hit to your company brand and prestige; as well as a loss in customer confidence and trust.

We recently presented at the Nimble vConference and showed how to close the door on the availability gap while enhancing and maintaining consistent application performance across all applications workloads. By driving very high levels of performance and availability, the combined Nimble and Veeam solution helps deliver a more predictable user experience, while simplifying and automating IT operational management.

You can watch the full session here: How Veeam and Nimble Enhance Application Performance and Simplify Availability

We will also be at NimbleConnect Live! Don’t let your data center transformation take a detour down a digital dirt road. Register now for Nimble Connect Live from June 19-21 in the city of Angels and put your business in the fast lane to success!

Colm Keegan, Product Marketing Manager, Veeam Software

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