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VEEAM 9.5 - Nimble Storage Integration Announced!


Very exciting news from our friends at Veeam today; they've announced as part of VEEAM 9.5 (due for release later this year) it will have full Nimble Storage integration for our SmartSnap, SmartReplicate and SmartClone integration!

Here's the VEEAM Press Release: PRESS RELEASE

Here's a blog detailing what native Storage Integration can provide for backup and recovery: BLOG

VEEAM are running a joint webinar with us on May 25th @ 7pm UTC+1 (3pm EST, 2pm CST, 12pm PDT) to discuss the integration functionality in more detail. You can sign up for the Webinar here: WEBINAR REGISTRATION


All that's needed from Nimble is for the system to be on NimbleOS 2.3 or above - so if you're a VEEAM customer but on an earlier release, it may be wise to start planning that upgrade!

I haven't personally seen the integration just yet so i'm very exciting to see what this will bring

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_
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Does this mean Veeam can backup in-guest iSCSI presented volumes, like a volume for a file server cluster perhaps?


Veeam is mostly designed for virtual environments and thus backs up VMDK files - it cannot see guest presented iSCSI volumes, only virtual drives mounted via VMware / Hyper-V.

Having said that, Veeam now supports backing up physical hosts (ie Windows server) with a free tool called Veeam Endpoint Backup - so it would work.


I wouldn't get too excited about Veeam Endpoint Backup.  It's really designed to backup desktops and the like.  In our tests trying to backup in-guest iSCSI for medium sized file servers (2-4TB), it's so slow as to be unusable (unless you like waiting a week for your backup to complete).  Also, as of right now Veeam does not officially support backing up servers (though it kind-of works....just really slowly, and official support is said to be coming).  IMHO Veeam does not yet have any usable solution for backing up physical hosts.


That's been a serious challenge for us.  Finding a way to archive files from a file server cluster.
Thanks for the updates everyone.  I'll try to find another solution.


Good Afternoon, Firstly I am a Systems Engineer with Veeam Software.

Alex - Nick is correct, anything on VMDK, VHD or VHDX then Veeam Backup & Replication can backup and replicate. Anything iSCSI passthrough or Raw Device Mappings (Physical) the same tool cannot be leveraged.

Veeam EndPoint FREE - is as Jonathan states a Free product aimed at Desktops and Laptops running Windows from Windows 7 and newer. However from a Windows point of view Windows 7 actually uses the same kernel as Windows Server 2008 and we have many customers using EndPoint for various tasks. EndPoint is able to backup to a central backup repository managed by Veeam Backup & Replication giving you some of the functionality from that console, such as File level recovery. Although this is free there are some benefits if running in an existing Veeam environment check out the FAQs for EndPoint here - Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE - frequently asked questions

Jonathan - To your slowness I would encourage you to log a call with our support team, I have used EndPoint on larger SQL boxes with RDMs and it's no slower than a virtual machine backup, first backup is going to be a full but then after which they will be incremental s depending on the schedule defined.

We also have Veeam Backup for Windows / Linux coming by the end of the year this will allow for a centrally managed solution.

Veeam Backup for Linux is soon to be in BETA, you can sign up for this here - Free Linux server backup agent - Veeam Backup for Linux


Hi Michael - what Veeam 9.5 edition will be required to enable Nimble integration?  Enterprise Plus?


Although licensing has not been confirmed or announced. I believe it will be an Enterprise Plus feature as our existing integration with other storage vendors.

Kind Regards,

Michael Cade

Systems Engineer

Veeam Software


Mario Couthino

Will Veeam's new version be able to backup RDM's on Nimble Storage



Hi Mario, are you asking if it will back up in-guest ISCSI mounted volumes? If so, please refer to the conversation taking place on this thread.