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VMware Space Reclamation - On All Datastores


Reclaiming space in VMware is an annoying thing.

But with a little help from VMware's community it can be a much simpler process.

I saw a recent comment in an old Thread and thought it would be a good idea to finally post this.

I found the attached script here: https://communities.vmware.com/message/2437373

Here's what the script does after you pointed it to vCenter:

1) Get a list of all datastores and loop through them.

2) Find out how much space is free and calculate 0,5% of that.

    This is something you can tune in line 144. (I've never touched it)

[decimal]$freeDSSpace = $ds.FreeSpaceMB

$unmapSize = [MATH]::round($freeDSSpace*.005)

3) Run the vmfs unmap

I've been using this Script for the past year and gave it to most of my customer.

Never saw any problems with it.

Have fun!


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