HPE StoreFabric Adapters

Networking HP Storevirtual 4730


Networking HP Storevirtual 4730


We have got 4 storevirtual storage boxes in cluster.  For each, configured one Gig ethernet port for management traffic (management vlan) and 2 FC 10 Gig ports in bond for storage (storage vlan). 

We have  managed these boxes in Clusters and created Logical Unit Number (LUN).  Wanted to attach LUN to VM for some data restoring purpose by VM >> Edit settings >> Add new device >> RDM.. but  the issue is VM can not see any LUN. 

Is there something needs to changed on network setup for SAN ? 

Note: Have configured gateway only to bond (Storage vlan). For management IP, I have not configured any gateway.  All the IP addresses configured are static.

Any suggestions, would highly appreciate.