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3rd Party SNMP monitoring software for P4300?

aaron martin
Occasional Advisor

3rd Party SNMP monitoring software for P4300?

I was reading an article about the P4300 (have 14 nodes at various customers) and the following statement caught my attention.


"Fortunately, this is easily done. Most of the platform's performance stats are exposed via SNMP, and a large number of third-party monitoring platforms have prebuilt templates made for the P4000 series."


So my question is, which 3rd party platforms have prebuilt template for the P4000?





Gediminas Vilutis
Frequent Advisor

Re: 3rd Party SNMP monitoring software for P4300?

Cacti has good templates for P4000 performance monitoring. We also use nagios for hw monitoring, but use standard Proliant monitoring templates (G2 more or less is standard proliant hardware).