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Adding a 3rd node to existing P4300 cluster.

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Adding a 3rd node to existing P4300 cluster.

Looking for documentation on how to add a 3rd node to an existing p4300 cluster with a raid10?

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Re: Adding a 3rd node to existing P4300 cluster.

its in the manual... or the help menu in CMC.


You just right click on the node and and to the management group and then right click on it again and add it to the cluster... or at that point you can right click on the cluster and add the node that way.  No downtime no nothing it just adds itself and then does a restripe and when that is complete you will have more space available in the node.  This will take time/resources from your other nodes while it is going so you either do it during times of light load on your system or you make sure to throttle the rebuild rate at the management group level.