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After 12.5 upgrade my cluster is suddenly unlicensed?

Occasional Advisor

After 12.5 upgrade my cluster is suddenly unlicensed?

I just upgraded our cluster from 10.5 to 12.5. We have 6 virtual storage devices 4 of which use perpetual 10TB licenses and 2 others that are 3yr 10TB licenses (they were added at a later date)


They have been fine under 10.5 but now my cluster is saying it needs to be registered after upgrading to 12.5


"license type is 'Time Limited' licensed, volumes going offline in less than 60 days. This could also be due to use of unlicensed feature. Register your storage system now."


Thing is all my 6 storage systems show they are fully registered for Clustering, Remote Copy, Snapshot Manager, Multi-Site SAN, AO and 10TB. Feature keys and License keys match whats on the HP licensing portal as well.


The 2 with 3yr licenses show an extra line - Expires 2017-10-10 so well within limits.


Any idea whats going on. The 60 day warning is quite ominous and this is a production environment as well.



Occasional Advisor

Re: After 12.5 upgrade my cluster is suddenly unlicensed?

Well after a few hours i decided to reboot all my storage devices. After rebooting the 2 units with 3yr 10TB licenses on them my cluster now reports its fully licensed.