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App-Managed SS failed: The volume not found

Occasional Contributor

App-Managed SS failed: The volume not found

The application aware snapshot has been working for a month and all the sudden it stop working.

I am gettin the following error message.


"The snapshot schedule 'ACC_Sch_RS_1_Pri' status in cluster rpbc1 is 'Failed': 'App-Managed SS Failed: The volume  not found.".

The point in time snapshot still works.


The Controlling Server IP address in Lefthand is set to the ip address of vCenter.

The Authentication Console passes verification to the StoreVirtual.

SANIQ currently on 10.5


I have been using loca administrator account for the HP StoreVirtual VSS CIM Server service.

If I try to use domain administrator account, it does not work.  Now local administrator account does not work as well.  It used to be that every time I reboot vCenter where Authentication Console is installed, I had to manually key in the password for the local administrator account in the service in order for it to start.


Any ideas?

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Re: App-Managed SS failed: The volume not found

I also have this problem. It started when we restarted our vCenter server.

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Re: App-Managed SS failed: The volume not found

jchen522, I think I have resolved my issue.


Is your volume presented to more than one server cluster? I had my volume presented to my vSphere cluster and also to a backup server (for SAN-level backup)

After removing iSCSI access to the backup server, I am now able to take an AppAware snapshot.


I was previously able to take app-aware snapshots with this configuration, so I suspect that since rebooting the backup/vCenter server the backup software is not closing the iSCSI session after backups.


I will be interested to see if you have the same issue.