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Backup P4500 VMFS volumes with Zero Downtime Backup

Bruce Murphy
Occasional Contributor

Backup P4500 VMFS volumes with Zero Downtime Backup

Our VM environment is housed on p4500's I am able to use ZDB to backup none VMFS volumes just fine. My question is it possible to backup the VMFS formated volumes on the P4500 with ZDB and if so what is the process? I am assuming that beings ZDB uses VSS it is not compatible with VMware VMFS.

Thanks In Advance
Respected Contributor

Re: Backup P4500 VMFS volumes with Zero Downtime Backup

Would need more information to determine your goals.

You can do VMDK level backups with various products, you can also do volume level snapshots (and remote snapshots).. and/or mount a snapshot to a backup server to create ZDB...

The only caveat is today there is no integration between the CMC and v-storage API, so you don't get application aware, or quiesced VMFS snapshots, but rather a crash-state equivalent.

Mind you I've never had a P4000 snapshot of a VMFS volume cause any corruption either, and always had great luck mounting and using those snapshots.