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Can I Cancel Network RAID-10 to Get double storage space.

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Can I Cancel Network RAID-10 to Get double storage space.

I got two HP4300, both configured as RAID-5 on each device.

Then a network RAID-10 set for the cluster.


Due to lack of space, I intend to Cancel Network RAID-10 to Get double storage space,  Can I do that?  

Without wiping all data in the SAN? How long will the progess take, for about 3TB data?


I know if I cancel the network RAID 10, it will decrease the IO performance, but I think I still have the basic raid5 to protest the data.

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Re: Can I Cancel Network RAID-10 to Get double storage space.

CAN you do it?  Yes.  You won't lose any data, but it is NOT a good idea.  Your performance might actually go up w/ NR0, but your LUN availability will go DOWN and you will also experiance temporary LUN access interruption during any future firmware update.  The SAN will let you do it, but it will warn you constantly that it is not a recomended solution and for good reason.


If you are so tight for space, you need to buy more storage.  If you can't afford either a VSA option or additional hardware, you are better going with the free single node VSA solution or just use the built in windows 2012 iSCSI target than using NR0 across two nodes.


How long do you think you would have a job if you came in one morning and found one of your nodes w/ a double-disk failure (it happens a lot) and now suddenly your entire SAN data is lost?


Don't do it.