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Change volume provisioning from Full to Thin in production?

Occasional Advisor

Change volume provisioning from Full to Thin in production?


we have a VSA 2014-system that complains that space utilization is high (86%).

All volumes are thick provisioned.

Is it safe to change a volume (that's in production) from thick to thin proviosioned?

Would that solve the space utilization issue? (In the Volume Use tab it says I can save ~3 TB if the volume is thin provisioned).

Also, is it safe to change a volume from thin provisioned to thick provisioned, in production?

Honored Contributor

Re: Change volume provisioning from Full to Thin in production?

totally!  I don't know why they even include a thick provision option as there are so few good use cases for it.  (THick provisioned LUNs create thick snapshots too!).  There will be no data loss.  The only issue will be if your OSes that were using the drives didn't handle them like thin drives originally, they might not be trimmed and might not shrink as much as you think they should. 

Yes it is safe to make the change and no data loss will occur.  If you have a system that would potentially send trim information to recplaim space from the thin volumes, you might need to disconnect them and reconnect them to the systems before that feature is recognised.