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Changing P4500 Network Settings

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Changing P4500 Network Settings

I'm needing to relocate several nodes in some clusters to another datacenter in my environment.  I need to also change the network settings for the devices.  Can I just simply change the IP/subnet/GW,etc. at the console screen or via CMC?  Is there a documented procedure for this.


Some of the nodes are in multisite clusters now, 1/2 of those nodes are moving and needing IP address changes.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Changing P4500 Network Settings

When you get to the new location just configure the nic from the console.

You can just break the bond, setup 1 NIC with and address and configure them from the CMC much simpler.

Also you will proababy wont to shut down the management group so you dont lose quourm.




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Re: Changing P4500 Network Settings

Thanks for the reply Emilo.  Once the IP address changes, will it still be seen in the cluster/mgmt group?  That's my concern, doesn't the other nodes look for nodes via IP address?


I don't want to shutdown the whole group, I have a FOM running to keep quorum. 

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Re: Changing P4500 Network Settings

I would be concerned about that as well... CMC doesn't follow IP exactly as it has some tie in with MAC address, but I'm not sure if it uses BOTH.


If I were doing this, I would be sure to first turn off any running managers on the nodes that I'm going to be moving.  Then, I would change the sites of the nodes that are going to move and/or create the new logical site in CMC and assign the servers to be moved into that site.  I would then let any restripe complete locally... after all of that is done, I would finally change the IP information on each node through CMC which would cause each node individually to lose communication w/ the cluster, but would then allow the MAC and IP information to be current on the cluster.  I would then manually shut down each node to be moved and then do the physcial move and then when I turned them on in the new site it will come up correct and everything should just work.


Re: Changing P4500 Network Settings



there is an old but still valid document which describes the steps you have to take.

You will find it here: http://www.itatonce.com/Documents/DOC/lefthand_bestpractice_reip_nsm_120107.doc

Hope this helps.



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