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Configuring MS ISCSI Initiator to connect to P4500

Occasional Visitor

Configuring MS ISCSI Initiator to connect to P4500

Hi All


Im new to the whole ISCSI technology and am looking for a better understanding of how this works and specifically my config on the MS ISCSI initiator


We have a HP x3400 running Windows 2008 Storage Server SP2, the server has 2 network cards dedicated for ISCSI, i want to ensure both paths are used to the storage, I have attached some screenshots of my ISCSI config, can you let me know if i have missed anything, mu concern comes on pic 3, it only shows one connection from one of my IP addresses, if i try and add another one it says to many connections.


Am i misunderstanding somthing here?







Peter J West
Frequent Advisor

Re: Configuring MS ISCSI Initiator to connect to P4500

Hi Nick,

I'm not that familiar with Storage Server so i'm not sure if it's the same as i've found with Server 2008 R2.

In my case I used this document:

Using this I was able to connect 2 NIC ports from one of our DL370 G6's to the storage network to give us increased throughput and fault tolerance.

The basic process was:

1. Ensure that the NIC's to be used are assigned appropriate IP's.
2. Go into the iSCSI Initiator configuration.
3. Click Connect to connect to the target
4. Tick the 'Enable multipath' box and then go into Advanced
5. Select 'Microsoft iSCSI Initiator' as the local adaptor.
6. Choose the appropriate Initiator IP from the dropdown list and click OK to perform the connection.

Then repeat the above steps again but this time choose the 'other' Initiator IP from the dropdown list.

This seems to work for me. Hope it helps.

Fred Blum
Regular Advisor

Re: Configuring MS ISCSI Initiator to connect to P4500

Hi Nick,


I assume you did no enable MCS in iSCSI initiator as using both MCS and DSM MPIO are not supported by MS.