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Containing RAID-5 volumes in a site

Nick Cockayne
Occasional Visitor

Containing RAID-5 volumes in a site

We have P4300 and P4500 multi-site clusters, and currently only use RAID-10 for full redundancy, however we are now looking to deploy Exchange 2010 which has built in redundancy through DAGs, we therefore want to use RAID-5 volumes on the P4000 but keep these within a single site (not striped across the whole cluster) is this possible ?


Re: Containing RAID-5 volumes in a site

Network RAID 5 is not recommended for any Live Volume and certainly not in a MultiSite Environment.

Network RAID 10 is the default protection level as it has the best balance of performance and protection and it is recommended for use with any applications.
Network RAID 5 is recommended for use with mostly read, sequential applications such as file shares and archives
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