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Convert an existing san to a multi-site san

Occasional Contributor

Convert an existing san to a multi-site san

Hallo all,


We currently have a p4300 with 2 management groups in it. So not a multi-site san yet. This was an error by a former employee that has since left our organisation. When we found out this was the case we wanted to convert it to a multi-site san.


I've looked over the user guide and found the steps understandable. But 1 item is missing and that is the following:


If i convert an existing Management group to a new multi-site san, will the created disc's that are currently on there, remain in tact or will they be destroyed ?


If i can make it like 3 - 3 nodes for the first multi-site san i can then move the other volumes on MG1 or MG2 depending on wich i convert, to the new multi-site san and add the nodes from MGx to the new multi-site san and everything should then be as it should be. (see pic's)


Thx in advance for any advice given.