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M. N.


I get a critical message from a P4300 storage:


Event                        :    E00060100 EID_LATENCY_STATUS_EXCESSIVE

Severity                   :    Critical

Component             :    SAN/iQ

Object Type            :    Storage Server

Object Name          :    <storage name>

Management Group        :    <management group name>

Cluster                 :    <cluster name>

IP/Hostname             :    <host name>

Date and Time           :    09/19/2013 21:11:23 GMT

User                    :    System

Resolution              :

Message                 :    The storage system '<storage name>', in cluster '<cluster name>', latency = 65.832, which exceeds 60.000.


I opened the link but I get a message saying that "No documents were found for your search. - You searched for documents matching "E00060100".


What is the best way to troubleshoot the problem?

Where can I locate documentation to troubleshoot the problem?






Honored Contributor


yea...  the support links are a joke.  I"m amazed they haven't been fixed or removed since they haven't worked since I started using the systems in v8.5


If this is happening on just one node and not system-wide, I would run the hardware scan through CMC to see if there is a problem.  Could be a bad disk or two in a node or some other pending hardware issue.  After that, do a cable test from the switches to the node w/ the problem to see if there is a problem there and check the switch for packet errors and port utilization if you can.


After that, its a call to support... you pay for a support contract for a reason :)  use it.