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HP 4300 VSA

Frequent Advisor

HP 4300 VSA

Hi all, 


Ok...the issue is\was that I had my HP 4300 VSA up and running, and decided to update the ESXi host. So through the CMC Software I shut down the VSA "Normally".


Upon the ESXi Host rebooting I attempted to start the VSA. Long story failed and started freezing all the time.


So, now I wouod like to recreate this VSA.


The problem is: 

In the CMC management software, there is absolutly no way to delete a Management Group without logging into it.

I CANNOT log into this Group anymore because it is not available.


I would Like to delete the Management Group where this VSA used to live. How can this been done??


There must be a way, but I am unable to see how. I have also looked at the CMC Cli for an appropriate command, but no joy there either.



Tks in advance






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