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HP StoreVirtual CMC - check for upgrades not working

Bohdan Bijecek
Occasional Contributor

HP StoreVirtual CMC - check for upgrades not working

Hi, I have a P4500G2 storage (software version 10.5) and CMC version 12.0.00 (build 0725.0) installed on Windows Server 2008R2.

Now when I want to check for upgrades in CMC it doesn't work. I have got the message "An error occurred trying to connect to the FTP server". 

When I click the button "View notifications" I have got the error message "Notifications cannot be found at this time. Try again later." 

There is no firewall blocking FTP communication on port 21. My perimeter firewall is MS TMG 2010 and when i turn on logging and in CMC click to the button "Test FTP connection . . ", I can see communication in TMG logs. 

But no communications occurs on TMG when i click button "Check for Upgrades" in CMC. 

My last successful check for upgrades was on 27.09.2016. 

Can someone help me with this problem, please? 

Thank you

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: HP StoreVirtual CMC - check for upgrades not working

HPE is about to adjust many tools to use for updates instead of, since this is another company now.

Obviously many updates for HPE tools already disappeared at already.

If these tools are not updated for a longer time, they don't get the new source and will just fail.

Consider to get an updateted tool at - this not only affects CMC, but many other tools too.


Hope this helps!

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Re: HP StoreVirtual CMC - check for upgrades not working


Customer advisory regarding change of Storevirtual update