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How much space for Snapshots

Tim Popp
Occasional Contributor

How much space for Snapshots

VMware\VSA environment for Remote Offices. Plan to use Remote Snapshots to Corporate office.

When allocating volumes, what is the best practice for free space?

I have already made the mistake of allocating all the space for the volume and can not take the primary snapshot, thus no Remote snapshot.

Katy Wegner
Occasional Visitor

Re: How much space for Snapshots

Hi Tim,

Everyone's situation is unique. You can read about capacity planning, volumes, snapshots and ongoing capacity management in the Provisioning Storage chapter in the online help or the PDF user guide installed in the directory with the CMC.

Tim Popp
Occasional Contributor

Re: How much space for Snapshots

You are right. It all depends. The only way to get a good estimate is set to set up a test envirnment you believe will mimic your production environment and test.