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LeftHand SNMP monitoring, where MIBs


LeftHand SNMP monitoring, where MIBs

Hi everybody.

We have StoreVirtual 4335 and 4530. I want to use some sw for SNMP monitoring, i.g. ZABBIX. Where to download MIBs and their documentation, description of OID? I want to monitor IOPS, latency, ...

Can you recommend a MIB browser with GUI on CentOS for testing?

Thanks a lot.


Honored Contributor

Re: LeftHand SNMP monitoring, where MIBs

its all in the CMC download folder.  If you have that, it should all be in there in a zip folder labeled SNMP_MIBS_12.5.00....  pretty obvious.  As for the description list, I don't think there is much documentation on that beyond the text in the mib file itself.