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Lefthand P4000 vCenter Integration

Occasional Advisor

Lefthand P4000 vCenter Integration

Hey guys,

I am still running saniq 8.5 on my setup, left it alone as things have been stable.. no issues since the original install.

However as per the URL below, I am wondering if HP have made a vCenter integration module to create consistent VSS snapshots from SAN > vCenter > VM.

When I installed the SAN i heard the module was due Q4 2010... has anyone got it yet?

I see there is some storage integration through insight agents which is nice but we need full VSS integration !

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: Lefthand P4000 vCenter Integration

I believe 9.0 has a VAAI plug-in for vSphere, but I simply can't see/find any reference to it on their website.
Mike Povall
Trusted Contributor

Re: Lefthand P4000 vCenter Integration

The last that I heard (about two days before the release of SAN/iQ 9) was that it was not going to be in v9 but would be in v9.x due around April 2011.