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Lefthand P4500 will not start

Occasional Contributor

Lefthand P4500 will not start

Over the weekend, 1 of a pair of P4500 started a reboot cycle.  Now that unit will not do anything.  There is power in the back, since when I plug in the power cord, the ps fans start running.  There are no green lights on the back and the unit will not start by pressing the power button.




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Re: Lefthand P4500 will not start

Does the Server display an POST Error message? If no, then try to boot the unit with minimum hardware configuration / Base configuration.


Steps to breaking the server down to the minimum hardware configuration / Base configuration:


During the troubleshooting process, you may need to break the server down to the minimum hardware configuration to isolate the issue. A minimum configuration consists of only the components needed to boot the server and successfully pass POST.


When requested to break the server down to the minimum configuration, uninstall the following components, if installed:

  • All additional DIMMs
  • Leave only the minimum required to boot the server - either one DIMM or a pair of DIMMs. For more information, see the memory guidelines in the server user guide.
  • All additional cooling fans, if applicable
  • For the minimum fan configuration, see the server user guide.
  • All additional power supplies, if applicable (leave one installed)
  • All hard drives
  • All optical drives (DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and so forth)
  • All optional mezzanine cards
  • All expansion boards


Before removing the components, be sure to determine the minimum configuration for each component and follow all guidelines in the server user guide.


Always use the recommended minimum configuration above before removing any processors. If you are unable to isolate the issue with the configuration above, you will then remove all all but one of the additional processors.


CAUTION: Before removing or replacing any processors, be sure to follow the guidelines provided in server documentation. Failure to follow the recommended guidelines can cause damage to the system board, requiring replacement of the system board.


Hope this helps!